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Captain Steve of Fort Lauderdale is a rock star offshore guide that puts his reputation on the line each and everyday. He is great at updating his fishing reports and social media accounts to keep his search rankings up and customers coming back. Great job Capt!

Visit: www.fanntasticfishing.com

featured Charter Business

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  • How To Get Your Captains License

    By Captain Mike on February 1, 2017

    All fishing guides who take out ‘paying customers’ must have a United States Coast Guard Captain’s License. There are a few exceptions that vary by state, however for the most part if you are taking out customers in exchange for money, you will need it.

    Getting your Captain’s License can be a fun process and learning experience. Even the most experienced fisherman or boater can learn a lot during the courses offered. I took the course offered by Sea School. The instruction and format was excellent and prepared me very well, to which I passed the exam on the first try. Sea School had a doctor on hand to do the physical and also recommended the students to the right CPR and First Aid facility. It was kind of like a one stop shop for everything you needed to get your captain’s license. The staff at Sea School also went over the application and all the necessary requirements before sending out to make sure we didn’t miss anything. I actually took mine to the Coast Guard in Miami to ensure it didn’t get lost in the mail. Afterall, it was a lot of work to ensure everything was filled out properly.

  • Choosing A Vacation Destination, Not Fishing Destination

    By Captain Mike on February 1, 2017

    The most successful guides with whom I work share one thing in common: they each operate in a highly popular vacation destination (Miami, Orlando, Cape Cod, etc.). Tourists are flocking through the airports and waterways (via cruise ships) all year long. These are the customers that I want you to convert, as they will make running your guide business a pleasure.

    These customers are just looking to fill their days while enjoying time off from work. They don’t care who they fish with and likely have not done any research. In fact, upon going to your site, they may not even browse the services you offer. They just call, ask a few questions and book the trip! We’ll take it! Manna from the heavens! Even though these customers may not give you much advance notice, these are great opportunities for you to work the “overflow business” angle.

  • Split Family Charter Tip

    By Captain Mike on January 1, 2017

    There have been times when I’ve received a call from the father of a family or four or more who wants to book a charter for the entire family but is working from a limited budget. Scheduling a second boat and captain to handle the extra customers had been a challenge for my operation. Sometimes, the second boat simply isn’t feasible or it may not be worth the extra “sweet talking” to bring in that second captain.

    If you recall from our overflow business model there is money to be made here and is well worth the effort but certain families just won’t be able to afford to charter two boats. So, I could only accommodate three anglers at a time. What to do?

    The beauty of my Charter Fishing business model is that many of my clients are simply looking to experience something that they cannot experience at home – and catching a trophy species isn’t a top priority. However, providing a good time on the water for their children IS A PRIORITY for the mother and father.

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  • “Having charter fished for charities for years I
    decided to start chartering for additional income. This required a major change in my operations. I came across Captain Mikes manual (“The Charter Fishing Business Kit” ) and after reading a small trial sample I was hooked. The entire manual is chocked full of useful info and written to be simple and act as a blueprint. I can say without hesitation that his real world experience with
    starting and running a business in this field is laid out on the pages in a blueprint format the anyone can follow and learn from. Thank you Captain Mike and I look forward to your updates! ”

    Captain Steve Mullen, Fish Hunter Charters
  • “Everyone can always benefit on some great tips on being more successful in an industry that is highly competitive. Capt. Mikes book gives you all the details on how to improve your charter business and stay up with the changing times on how to best promote your business. Being in a highly competitive area, these guidelines have me on my way to be a success!”

    Capt. Matt Vig.
  • “As an established guide, I came across this business kit and thought If I could learn a few things from it, then it would be worth the cost. Well, let’s just say I don’t want my competition to have this kit! The book is awesome and reveals some great marketing tactics for my website, along with social marketing that I knew very little about. I love how easy it is too read and it fires me up from start to finish to go after new customers and treat my existing customers very well. I highly recommend this book to all levels of fishing guides especially if you are just starting out.”

    Captain Alan Routh

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